Environmental Education

Talking about the environment it refers to education for the protection of the environment and of the territory and respect for what surrounds us.
Environmental Education is a must to focus a concept that affects all of us very closely, it means raising awareness and attracting attention to environmental issues and the healthy use of the territory.
It is clear that there is a very close relationship among the environmental, social and economic dynamics that has to led to the elaboration of a broader concept of sustainable development education.

Sustainable Development Education is not only about the environment, but also the economy and society. It is a long-life learning concept, which should be inside and acquired from an early age with an approach not limited to “formal” learning, but also extends to the non-formal and informal learning, in fact the education to sustainable development regards all aspects of life as well as respect for future generations, for the environment and for the resources of the Earth.

It is a very important topic a world-wide-issue, in fact the international community stressed the importance of the Sustainable Development Education in 2002, during the World Summit of in Johannesburg, where it was decided to devote a decade to it (2005-2014), at the end of which UNESCO launched the Global Action Programme on Sustainable Development Education as a contribution to the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development in accordance with the Heads of State and Government in September 2015.

Seventeen new objectives including education, in particular sustainable development education (SDG 4.7 and SDG 13.3).
In Italy, during the 2015 school year, the Ministry of the Environment in collaboration with the Ministry of Education launched the new guidelines for environmental education developed by an Interministerial working group.

This consistent commitment gives the school a specific task for the formation of the new generations on the issues of sustainability and the close interconnection between man and the environment, which highlights a complex concept of the environment and an approach that has value only if includes contributions from all areas of knowledge to ensure that the individual feels part of the environment and no longer an entity in itself.

This must become a strong input for the school to enrich activities and initiatives that the same currently proposes at the formative level, offering tools to overcome the criticality given by the separation, often still present, between Subjects taught and learned and environmental issues.

In any way, the proposals must promote in young people, according to their age, knowledge and skills to the promotion and development of personal competences (competences of citizenship) and of specific disciplinary competences, but above all to develop awareness that the territory belongs to us and we must have civic sense and respect it.
Protecting and safeguarding the environment is our duty.

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